"Welcome To Our Neighborhood"

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Transforming Our Community With Compassion

To restore, update, and build affordable housing by fostering partnerships with churches, private foundations, and local, state, and federal government agencies. Our mission aims to cultivate a strong sense of community involvement, leading residents to develop a neighborhood ownership mentality.


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This initiative not only addresses the critical need for affordable housing but also fosters an environment where community members feel genuinely invested in the well-being and development of their neighborhood. Through these efforts, we strive to empower residents to take ownership of their community, leading to a sustainable and inclusive future for all.

Vision for a Transformed Future

Our vision is to see communities transformed into vibrant, inclusive spaces where everyone has access to affordable housing and the opportunity to thrive. We aspire to create neighborhoods that embody the principles of sustainability, collaboration, and community empowerment.

Cultivating Lively and Engaged Neighborhoods

We envision neighborhoods brimming with life, where community events, green spaces, and local businesses thrive. These are places where residents feel connected to one another and to the fabric of their community, contributing to a dynamic and cohesive environment.

Inclusive Spaces Ensuring Housing for All

Our goal is to break down the barriers to affordable housing, making it accessible to individuals and families of all income levels. We imagine a future where housing insecurity is a thing of the past and every person has a safe, stable place to call home.

Empowered Residents Fostering a Sense of Ownership and Pride

In our envisioned future, residents are actively involved in shaping the development of their neighborhoods. This empowerment fosters a strong sense of ownership and pride in their community, leading to sustained engagement and positive change.

Core Values of Our Initiatives

Our initiative is deeply rooted in values that guide our mission to transform and uplift communities through the development of affordable housing. These values are the pillars upon which our actions and decisions are based, ensuring that we make a meaningful and lasting impact on the communities we serve.

Collaboration Empowering Partnerships

We believe in the strength of collaboration, working closely with churches, private foundations, and government agencies to pool resources, knowledge, and expertise. 

Inclusivity A Home for Everyone

We strive to create opportunities for all community members, regardless of their income, background, or circumstances, to have access to safe and affordable homes.

Sustainability Building for the Future

Sustainability is at the heart of our initiative. We focus on developing housing solutions that are not only affordable but also environmentally responsible and designed to last. 

Community Empowerment Fostering Ownership and Pride

We value the empowerment of community members to take active roles in the development and revitalization of their neighborhoods. 

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" Welcome to Our Neighborhood "

In the 1930's and 40's the Calumet Mill Village was established to provide housing for the Calumet Mill Workers. The mill was owned and operated by the Callaway family. Initially, housing was built for mill workers in the McGhee Street, Gardner Street and Baugh Street areas. The neighborhood was later expanded to include its current boundaries of Greenville Street (North), East Depot Street (South), Morgan Street (West) and Render Street (East). In 2013 - The Calumet Village Neighborhood Association, Inc. (CVNA) was formally organized. In 2017 the name was changed to The Calumet Park Neighborhood Association, Inc.

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together Pledge

Join us in our commitment to transform communities through the power of unity and collective action. Together, we pledge to make affordable housing accessible and foster vibrant, inclusive neighborhoods.

Collaborate With Us

Your partnership can amplify our impact on creating sustainable, inclusive communities. Collaborate with us to bring our vision of accessible housing and empowered neighborhoods to life.


Every contribution to our fundraising efforts brings us one step closer to a future where everyone has a safe, affordable home. Help us build the foundation for thriving communities by supporting our mission today.

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We help local nonprofits access the funding, tools, training,



We help local nonprofits access the funding, tools, training,



We help local nonprofits access the funding, tools, training,

Our Leadership Core

Meet Our Officers

Ricky Dozier


Janice Wells


Patricia Terry

Block Coordinator

Shelle Askew

Block Coordinator
Guiding Minds

Meet Our Board of Directors

Dr. Robert Tucker


Lanona Jones

Secretary/ Treasurer

Elia Baltes

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Amos Ted Beason

Board Member

Joe Stricklin

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Terisa Buchanan

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Rev. Yvonne Lopez

Board Member

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